Saturday, January 10, 2015

We have moved!!

We have moved to The Adventurist’s website!

The highly visible blog has now moved to a more permanent home at

For articles previously published on Chicago Diaries, please look under the Travel category.
The new website is a platform for articles, reviews, opinions and information about adventures worldwide. And more.

Want recommendations about which adventure equipment best suits your purpose? Look not further. Drop a direct message to The Adventurist via the new website and you will receive the required info!

Seek advice about how to go about planning an adventure? The Adventurist can help out!

Not sure about the dos and don’t of a particular adventure activity? You’ve come to the right place, feel free to ask The Adventurist.

Feel free to contribute to the site via comments, email or social media.
Happy adventuring!

P.S. This blog is not monitored regularly. Please visit the new website to continue to receive new articles, posts and photos.